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About Us

Munda Mundi means Clean Planet in Latin. Munda Mundi is our small family-owned production of wooden toys in the city of Burgas. We envisioned the idea of producing these toys after trying, again and again, to find unique toys for our own children.
Each puzzle, dollhouse or board game is built with heart and soul. Toys made with love are the best gifts for the most precious people - boys and girls, kids and teens. We believe that educational toys can be not only practical and functional, but also beautiful and interesting.
Here you can find doll houses and other toys, wooden garages for cars. We create unique educational and training materials using different methods (Montessori, Froebel, Freinet, Waldorf education). In addition, you can purchase sorting games, puzzles, mosaics to study shapes and colors, and much more.
There is four of us working on the toys. Irina comes up with the types, shapes and sizes of toys. Andrey and Konstantin draw mock-ups, make test samples, create the final toy so that it is perfectly assembled, sturdy, comfortable and beautiful.
And the little girl Sasha is testing every new toy. She tries to play with each new model and says what is convenient and what is not. And only after that a final revision is made.
Thus, each toy and puzzle is done in several stages, after numerous test samples have been produced and tried.