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Educational board set Colors and shapes, The set made according to the model

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Brand: MundaMundi
Product Code: MM192871
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The set made according to the model is a game for the development of thinking and concentration of attention, observation, Gnosis for colors, shapes and size.
The set contains the main geometric shapes-square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval in the five main colors – yellow, red, blue, green, orange. For each of the shapes there is an embed tile, as well as large tiles with the indicated color, to which the child should assign the corresponding figure. Included in the kit is a wooden frame with 35x20cm frames. with a total of 10 departments.
On the first row, create a pattern of different shapes and/or colors. The child must find and place on the second row the corresponding tile.
Pattern arrangement is a wonderful game for enhancing attention and developing logical thinking. The variety of colors and shapes allows the child to strengthen his knowledge about them and gives the opportunity to describe the objects around him to support the language abilities of the children.
Game variants:

Color sorting game. - Develops attention, color Gnosis, language abilities of the child.
On the first row, place the large tiles with the five main colors. Have the child choose one of the presented figures (e.g. circle). Under each tile with the color, you need to put a circle in the corresponding color, then come up with and name an object with these characteristics. # red circle-tomato, yellow circle-Sun, blue circle-ball, Green Circle – watermelon, orange circle-Orange.
Game for sorting by forms-develops attention, Gnosis of form, language abilities of the child.
On one row place the tiles for embedding figures, and on the other the child should put the corresponding shape. Encourage the child to describe an object of the same shape and color and agree their names. # The roof of the house is triangular and red.; Pea pod is green and oval. The nest is round and yellow. The box is Square and orange. The book is rectangular and blue.
Combined models with colors and shapes – on the first row put 5 figures of your choice. Explain to the child that under them should alternate the color and shape of the corresponding figure. (Under the first figure put the tile with its embossing form, under the second – the tile with its color, under the third – the tile with its shape, under the fourth – the tile with its color, under the fifth – the tile with its shape.)
Solve the riddle - make the game even more interesting by creating riddles whose answers describe the required shape in the appropriate color. The turtle has ....... and ......... Shell (Green Circle). The grapes are ......... and ......... nipples. (blue / green oval); The Cherry has ......... and ......... bone. (yellow circle); it's the tree ...... and ....... . (green triangle); it's your towel ........... and ........... (orange rectangle). There is this box ....... and ....... cover. (Red Square).

Prepared the description: speech therapist Tanya Kodjabasheva

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