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Material with hands, Praxis of a kinestic pose

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Brand: MundaMundi
Product Code: MM192413
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Kinestic Praxis
Options for play and work:
Praxis of a visual model pose –" do as I do " - an adult consistently demonstrates to the child a series of manual postures. The child should reproduce each of these poses, alternately with both hands. After performing each pose, the child is asked to freely relax his hands on the table.

Praxis of a kinestic pose – " close your eyes. Now you're asked to do the same pose with the fingers of one hand.”
Praxis of the kinestic pose –" now transfer this pose to the other hand " - the pose is performed first with the leading hand and then transferred to the non-leading hand.

Kinetic (Dynamic) Praxis "fist – rib – palm" – an adult performs a sequence of movements: squeezing one hand into a fist; straightening the fist and placing the hand on its narrow side (rib); then opening the fist and placing the hand on the palm; squeezing the hand from the "palm" or "rib" position into a fist. The exercises are performed with your hand on the table. The experimenter performs twice together with the child the movement slowly and silently, and then offers the child to cope with the exercise alone and at a faster pace. Then the same exercise is performed under the condition of closed eyes and protruding, and clenched through teeth tongue. The exercise is also done with the other hand. If necessary, the child may be offered to perform the same movements, but in a different sequence, e.g. "rib-Palm-fist."

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