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Montessori educational material, Drawing with 2 hands with the tray

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Brand: MundaMundi
Product Code: MM192994
EAN: 3583144192994
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Copybook for drawing with two hands (10 boards, 5 pairs of interchangeable figures) is a game for the development of two cerebral hemispheres and activation of cognitive processes. They help to make study sessions easier and more effective, develop logic and creativity. Take wooden tablets and circle the curly slots.

How to play:
First, try to draw with one hand you’re accustomed to. Now take the pen in the hand that you use less often and try to follow the line. Well, how does it feel? And now aerobatics - we use both hands at the same time. You can draw lines clockwise, counterclockwise, or in different directions.
If you’ve found Montessori to be a good fit for your little one and your family, then focusing on toys that support this philosophy can be the perfect way to encourage your little one’s learning through play.

Size of the templates: 5,51 inches by 5,51 inches (14 cm by 14 cm)
Size of the frame: 11,02 inches by 5,9 inches (28 cm by 15 cm)
Weight: 350g / 0.77 pounds.

Set - frame, 5 paired templates.

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