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Wooden game Labirint

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Brand: MundaMundi
Product Code: MM172472
EAN: 3173234172472
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Wooden game maze to develop attention. Increases concentration and extends its duration. It trains fine hand movements and eye-hand coordination. It is ideal for holding a proper three-ring grip without tension for a gradually lengthening time, which would improve the handwriting (just ask the child to grab the rings instead of putting a finger in them). The labyrinth includes 5 easily fit wooden boards, 1 wooden figurine, 2 wooden rings with ties, 2 billets.
Hang each part of the rope on the two chutes at the upper ends of the maze, leave the figurine in a vertical position. Lock the bag and let the game begin! To move the ball to the target hole requires precise judgment of hand manipulation, strong concentration and good eye-hand coordination. Both sides of the maze are covered with different sizes, shapes and number of holes, which allows the complication of the game. Identify a hole to which the ball must be passed and time for each player. The winner is the one who manages to reach the goal in the shortest time. For those who most like to have fun and are competitive, it is also possible to sabotage the opposing player by stabbing a pencil on the other side. The labyrinth has dimensions of 45*25 cm. and it's a wonderful variety of standard family dinners!
Attention! The toy is suitable for children over 3 years of age due to the presence of small items (billets) that a small child could swallow.

Prepared the description: speech therapist Tanya Kodjabasheva

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