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Shape and color sorting drop drawer box set, Montessori ‘Magic Drawer’

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Brand: MundaMundi
Product Code: MM378801
EAN: 608597378801
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"Magic drawer" is a classic Montessori multifunctional toy. It can be used for color and shape learning activities, and also in pretend play to be used as a toy set of drawers, or a treasure chest.
To use:

  1. Let your child explore all the shapes, discuss shapes and colors.
  2. Sort shapes by color, dropping them in slots in corresponding boxes. Open the drawers to check.
  3. Place shapes in puzzle frames located at the bottom of the drawers.
  4. Use the shapes for counting. Count how many triangles, squares, circles, and rectangles are there.
  5. Use shapes as a sensory material - place them in a cloth bag. Let the child put their hand in a bag, pick a shape and try to guess what it is based on sensation.
  6. ‘Kim game’ (‘What’s different?’): Place 5-6 shapes in a row. Ask the child to close their eyes and change the order of some of the shapes, or remove some of them. Ask the child to identify what has changed.
  7. Use the shapes as elements of tangram game, making shapes of houses, cars, animals, clothing, etc.

Set includes: 4 drawers painted red, yellow, green, and blue; 1 pull-out tray with 10 puzzle shape cutouts; 40 shapes (10 of each color).

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