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Why wooden toys?

Everyone knows that wooden toys are useful, but what is the benefit and how do they contribute to the harmonious development of the child? You give everything naturally! This slogan is best suited for wooden toys, because they are always considered the best for children. Manda Mundi produces the best wooden toys and educational materials.
Energy. Wooden toys have an indescribable energy. They are adjusted in a positive way, give the child the right attitude that all living things are valuable.
Positive influence on the formation of tactile skills. Pleasant and, most importantly, this different texture of wood is exactly what is needed for the development of fine motor skills of fingers. Touching and exploring the various shapes and textures of the toy, the child gets a lot of information.
Aesthetics. What could be more beautiful than a tree? Probably just toys from him. Dark and light veins, annual rings that stretch the surface of puzzles and houses, give the child the right idea of harmony and beauty, develop imagination.
Safety. Toys made of natural materials can not harm. Smooth texture and natural dyes are very important for the safety of the child. Such toys can be safely explored in all possible ways: take in your mouth, bite and lick-there will be no harm, but there will only be benefits from getting new impressions and invaluable experience.
And if someone thinks that wooden toys are boring and disinterested, then he is simply mistaken and will definitely change his mind if he looks at wooden toys for children produced by Manda Mundi.
How to choose toys for children of different ages?
Up to three years -knock, mazes, sorting are recommended.
From three to five - children are already happy to fall into life, and story-role-playing games become part of their growth. For them, it is worth buying cars and various special technologies, houses, garages, cars, furniture. And for the development of thinking, puzzles and constructors are needed.
From five to eight years. Social role-playing games are becoming more complicated and supplemented with details. Now you need various kits, complex detailed machines and self-assembly kits.